Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Out of the Pan

There is nothing like fresh fish, straight from the lake, into the fire and consumed with four others, huddled around a picnic table, picking the pale white flesh from among the translucent bones, careful to avoid to guts. Perhaps we could have gutted and filleted it. But this experience felt so simple, so basic, it was perfect in its lack of preparation.

This is what you do:

Fresh Buttery Bass

  1. Get your fishing license. I cannot endorse illegal fishing.
  2. Take your canoe up to Bon Echo park during bass fishing season. Fish for approximately three hours and catch one 1 lb fish. Bring it back to your friends who await anxiously with the fire roaring at your campsite.
  3. Slather the fish in butter. By slather, I truly mean slather.
  4. Douse the fish in salt and pepper. Both sides. Completely.
  5. Wrap well in two layers of tin foil.
  6. Place among the coals in your fire. Wait approximately 5 minutes. Flip. Wait another five minutes.
  7. Remove from the fire with a couple of sticks. 
  8. Scrape off the skin and nibble at the flesh. Be careful to avoid those bones. They're very thin, but very sharp and pointy. 


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